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Tips for choosing your wedding headdress

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Which bridal headdress is the most suitable for my wedding day?

Yes…yes…I know…facing the search for the ideal headdress is not an easy task…and…you have seen thousands and thousands of ideas on PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM!…and you even have a whole gallery of photos saved in your mobile…the poor thing is about to explode at any moment!!!!….

And if you’re also like me, who thinks that all the headdresses shine with their own light, then let’s say goodbye!

Sometimes all you need to do is ask yourself a few basic questions to enlighten yourself, so take note of the following basic tips!

  1. What kind of wedding are you going to celebrate?…think….
  2. What is your wedding dress going to look like?…visualize….
  3. Which bridal hairstyle are you going to wear?…if you don’t know yet, don’t worry, we’ll talk about it in another post…
  4. Are you going to wear a wedding veil?…maybe you hadn’t thought about it?
  5. What is going to be your wedding colour palette“?…that is…the range of colors you will use in your wedding?
  6. The bridal accessories? have you already thought of them?…the bridal bouquet or the bridal shoes?

1.What type of wedding will you celebrate?

We are not going to talk about protocol, for starters we are neither Meghan nor Kate Middleton, so one less pressure for us…besides now weddings are parties, so bye bye protocol bye bye bye! The first thing to consider is whether your wedding will be a daytime wedding or an afternoon/evening wedding . So…if your wedding is during the day…sorry beautiful! Forget about glitter, unless you are the blonde neighbor or a close follower of her (which I am too) and on rare occasions (and there are always exceptions) glitter doesn’t look that good, nor do I think it looks good. Rhinestones could be used, but only if they are not very, very shiny, and better if accompanied by other lighter materials. A daytime wedding would admit flowers, fabrics, feathers, stones, cold porcelain, and a myriad of materials…You also have to take into account if your wedding is in spring/summer or if your wedding is in autumn/winter, and thus take into account the colors and materials to choose. jewel crown Spring/summer weddings: in spring, go for headdresses in pastel or powdered colors. such as nude, sky blue, baby pink, which bring sweetness and romanticism, and in summer bet on headdresses with lots of color, headdresses with natural motifs such as leaves, preserved flowers, headdresses with organic shapes.There are many possibilities, headdresses that include dragonflies, butterflies, even headdresses with a nod to the sea, either small shells or small corals, headdresses with feathers... there are many possibilities… super headdresses If your wedding is in autumn/winter opt for warm colors such as golds, mustards, earth tones, oranges, ochres or reds, burgundies and greens for fall. Cool colors such as blue, turquoise, bluish green, dark violet, white, silver and gray are ideal for winter, and if in winter you add a little touch of brightness that winks to the ice or snow can be a success (I told you above that in rare occasions can go very well …).

2. What will your wedding dress look like?

feather tiara

Feather headdress

Your wedding dress speaks of you, if you choose long dress, short, with midi skirt, tunics, lingerie dresses, with lace or without lace, tailored dresses, two-piece sets, with golden or silver touches, with details in color, with details in feathers, with layers and layers of chiffon, with volume or without volume, puffed dresses, with asymmetric cuts, with rhinestone applications, with embroidery, with tulle skirts, with different shades of white, with bangs ….etc, etc. …each and every one of them speak of you and of course of the type of bride that you are: romantic, classic, bohemian, natural, wild…and so it should be with the headdress! What is intended is that the whole group follows the same discourse… We could define the dresses according to the type of cut (A-line, mermaid, princess, fitted, empire, etc) but in four lines it is very difficult for me to summarize everything I have in my head, so in 6 lines and no more I’ll tell you:
jewel tiara

Tiara bride

  • If you want to convey a romantic and natural touch: opt for floral and simple headdresses
  • If your dress is simple and you want to give a special touch to the whole giving prominence to the headdress: opt for a more ornate headdress, with feathers, large flowers, rhinestones, …
  • If your dress is very special, what I call a “big dress” with a lot of character and charisma: opt for a simple, light headdress so that it does not take away the protagonism.
  • If you are wearing a classic dress and want to continue with the same line: opt for headdresses with pearls, tiaras, headdresses with brooches, or headdresses with rhinestones (all without excesses).
  • If you are wearing a lingerie or hippie dress: headbands, headdresses with preserved flowers, jewel crowns, even hats and pamelas would look spectacular.
  • If you wear a very modern or transgressive dress, you can accompany it with feathers, big flowers, XL tiaras, etc.

3. Which bridal hairstyle are you going to wear?

In terms of bridal hairstyles there are also many possibilities and we could dedicate a separate post … but in my experience I will summarize them in the following:
  • Updo s: casual chignons, low chignons, ballerina chignons…chignon headdressThese types of hairstyles go very well with half wreaths that frame them, half wreaths that can be placed on top of the chignon or on the side, either jewel wreaths or flower wreaths are perfect. hairpins can also be a great option, hairpins that surround them, whether they are preserved flower hairpins, rhinestone hairpins with moons, stars, colorful flowers… The hairpins can also be a great option. tiaras that leave the updo free at the back and frame your face at the front are also a good option if you are a more classic bride, or if you want to give prominence to the headdress. combs, whether they are flower combs, jewel combs, brooch combs, and that surround the updo or frame it, they are ideal because they hold it very well. diadems, like tiaras, frame your face from the front and do not give you so much height if you do not need it.
  • Means collected : half updos that free the sides of your head and give volume to the back of your head (braids, intertwined tresses…) leaving half of your hair loose, are ideal if you are one of those brides who don’t look like a bride with her hair completely up but don’t want to go with her hair down either.bridal headdress half upAnd it is a good option, because it allows the headdress to hold better and a very natural look is achieved. half crowns also triumph in this type of hairstyles, or the half crowns always framing the perimeter of the hairstyle to give a harmonious look. tiaras also look spectacular because they add volume to your face from the front and thus balance the volume of the half-up hair from behind. full crowns They are also a very good option, because depending on your face you can frame your good profile giving the crown more volume on the side you choose, you can also frame your face with the full crown giving it more volume in front, and thus also provide height, the crown acting almost as a tiara, or you can also frame the back half-up wearing a full crown that is thin (tiara type) in front and ends with more prominence in the back widening it and giving it more volume.
  • Long braids Long braids: They have been very popular this last season, and I think they are here to stay for a long time. half wreaths at its base, or to place small sparkles in the shape of flower hairpins u rhinestone hairpinsbridal braid headdress Full crowns that frame the front of your face or the back at the base of the braid are also acceptable.Bows intertwined in the braid, satin bows, tulle bows, velvet bows, black bows, or the color that matches your wedding color palette.Bows or tulle knotted in the lower part of the braid as a veil… A thousand possibilities.
  • Horsetail: if you are one of those natural brides, who do not want to change the hairstyle of your day to day but want to give a different touch. half crown The use of a wrapper underneath, or on top, will give a special touch. side headdresses framing it on both sides using two combs at an angle is also spectacular.Forks The loose, surrounding, combined with various sizes, would give it movement, classic bow and drop covering the scrunchie, in velvet, tulle, etc… would continue to give the bride a natural, classic and elegant style, and sometimes less is more!
  • Short hair: brides with short hair can also wear a headdress! brides with short hair can also wear headdresses: large or smalltiaras , depending on the type of bride you are, or small side hairpins in flower or rhinestones, or even a full crown not too overloaded can look great.
  • Loose hair: for brides who don’t want to complicate things or who have chosen to let their hair down at the party after the ceremony: Make waves that give volume and movement together with an headband to frame loose hair is the best, the materials to choose from can be infinite and also to wear your hair loose the headband gives you the perfect comfort to dance and dance until dawn if necessary!bridal headband

4. Are you going to wear a bridal veil?

If you are going to wear a bridal veil, whatever hairstyle you wear the veil is usually placed with the help of a comb and hairpins that hold it, so almost any headdress is perfectly compatible, so do not worry about whether the headdress you are going to wear you will be able to place it with the veil as they are friends and also complement each other. What’s more, the veil is probably only for the ceremony, so when you take it off, you are free to choose any headdress. You can wear the veil under the updo, a low bun for example, and so if the headdress is placed on top of the bun and complement each other, in case you wear an updo or high bun, the veil can also be placed underneath along with the headdress. The veil can also be placed at the base of a tiara to complement it, or attached to a headband at its base. A veil covering a tiara or a tiara can also look very nice The veil that is caught on both sides of your head allows you to see behind the hairstyle and its headdress. This type of veil is perfect for headbands, crowns or half crowns because it adapts to any of them. Another idea is the veil that accompanies and wraps a hat, chistera or pamela, net veils, cotton veils, tulle, etc. these combine in a single piece headdress and veil providing a very original and different touch to brides.

5. What color range will you choose for your wedding?

The color range is important because it can help us to choose the colors of the headdress if you want to follow and continue with the same palette. You can also choose the main color of your palette and incorporate it in the headdress, either in small pieces: flowers, stones, silk thread that wraps it… or in the entire headdress. And if you are looking for something different, you can do the opposite, i.e. you can skip the color range of the wedding and use it only as a backdrop to use unique colors in your look by wearing a headdress all in gold, all in white or all in silver.  

What about the bridal bouquet and bridal shoes? Have you already chosen them?

bridal espadrilles Here also influences the color range that can serve as a guide to choose the colors of the headdress … or the type of bouquet or shoes, some loose idea of thousands that we could talk about:
  • If the bouquets are very wild and of many different colors, a headpiece with the same colors will provide the same highlights above and below and very proportionate lines.
  • If the bouquet has yellow in it, headpieces with golden touches that make a nod to that color can be perfect, for example.
  • If you are going to wear shoes of a special color that is not the typical white color, it can also serve as a guide to choose that same color as a common thread in the personalization of your headdress.feather bridal shoes
And if you are a bride who has not thought of any of this yet…no dress, no type of wedding, no hairstyle, no bouquet, no shoes…but you have fallen in love with a headdress, WELCOME TO THE WORLD TURNED Upside Down! You have clear ideas! and you’re goingto be able to mold your look inspired by your headdress! You thrill me! And yes …. you are a great Supertocadas!…. As we all are…because we are all in love with our love, with ourselves and with our life.  


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