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Tocado boda con peinado trenza tocado tiara

Yes, we know. Once you have chosen your perfect wedding dress and the ideal bridal hairstylist and makeup artist for you, it’s time to think about which bridal hairstyle with headdress to choose, the one you feel most comfortable with, the one you feel yourself with,the bridal hairstyle that totally matches you!

Be true to your style, even on your wedding day.

If you’ve read us before, you probably have a pretty good idea of which wedding hairstyle suits you according to the shape of your face.

But if you now want to solve your doubts definitely, let us give you some of the best bridal hairstyles with headdress ideas. We are sure you will love them and they will make it much easier for you to work with your stylist in your future bridal hairstyle trial.

Wedding headdress with braided braid hairstyle tiara headdress

Bridal hairstyles with headdress What are the best combinations?

To begin with, it’s important to know how to differentiate between the different types of bridal hairstyles to learn how to choose the one that best suits you.

It is true that the wedding dress you choose will determine the style of your wedding hairstyle. As an example and generalizing a lot, if you wear a classic wedding dress we will recommend a bridal hairstyle without loose tresses and we will bet in this case for sober bridal hairstyles. If you are wearing a boho wedding dress, bridal braids or brides with loose hair will be more acceptable. And if you opt for a romantic dress you will have a lot to choose from because this bridal style allows you to play with a wider variety of compatible hairstyles.

Headdress bridal crown flowers bubble braid hairstyle

But it is also true that many of you find it difficult to visualize your complete bridal look and have serious difficulties to imagine at the same time the bridal hairstyle, the bridal headdress and the wedding dress.

So with so many possibilities and so you don’t get lost among so many hairstyles, we are going to show you below different images and ideas of the best hairstyles for weddings with headdresses that our brides have triumphed with and that we know you will love.

Bridal headdresses with up-do

One of the most popular combinations in wedding hairstyles with headdresses are the updos. There are many bridal updos and they can be done in many ways. We can distinguish between:

  • high bridal updo
  • low bridal updo
  • and bridal half updo

At this point we are going to focus on bridal half updos with headpieces, because the high and low updos will be discussed later when we talk about braids, ponytails or chignons.

Which headdress to choose for a bridal half updo?

Semi updo bridal hairstyles accept headpieces with 3 types of placement:

Side headdresses

Half updo bridal jewelry flower headdress

Wedding headdresses that we will place on the side of the head following the perimeter of the half up-do and freeing the rest of the hairstyle.

Semi side updo bridal headdress

You can use bridal wreath or flower crown, or jeweled wreath with flowers and leaves in metal.

Half updo jeweled wedding headdress

You can also wear loose hairpins placed on the side for an original bridal hairstyle.

Half up-do bridal headdress with skipped hairpins

Headdresses at the base of the half up-do

Semi updo star wedding hairstyle headpiece

Romantic blonde bridal headdress with half updo blonde waves

They accompany the entire base of the half updo and can be worn above or below.

Half updo boho flower bridal headdress

Wedding crown headdress bridal headdress semi up-do

Country bridal headdress half up-do flower crown

As they are placed at the back, they give more visual prominence to the back, thus highlighting the plunging back neckline of your wedding dress.

Semi updo wedding crown simple bride

Half up-do bridal headdress wedding wiring

You can use half bridal crown or half flower crown, or half jeweled crown with flowers and leaves in metal, this gives wedding hairstyles with headdress a very natural look.

Attaching a bridal bow is also a good option for an elegant and self-confident bride.

Half updo star bridal headdress

Headdress bride hairpins stars half updo

And as mentioned above, the bobby pins in the half updo will help the hairstyle breathe.

Bridal headdress with butterfly hairpins half updo

With hairpins, the headdress will not be such a protagonist but it will bring different points of light and shine to the bridal hairstyle.

Wedding headdress hairpins flowers half updo

Wedding headdress with star hairpins half updo

Frontal headdresses

Also, another option to take into account among the bridal hairstyles with headdresses, are the frontal ones. Many brides like to visualize themselves with the headdress in front because it seems to them that if they wear it in the back they are not wearing anything.

Headdress white crown semi updo bride brunette bride wedding

Tiara tiara headdress wedding semi updo bride

So, if you are one of them and you also like bridal hairstyles with modern and powerful headdressesyou can opt for a wedding crown entire the entire head or by a bridal tiara whether higher or lower, both are always a good choice.

Headband headdress natural stones half updo bride Headband headdress natural stones half updo bride

And if you like wedding hairstyles with discreet headpieces, tiaras that do not elevate the look and accompany the bridal hairstyle are the ideal headpiece for a simple and minimal bride like you.

Semi updo wedding crown headdress

Bridal headdresses with braid

Brides with braids have been the main protagonists in recent years.

Bride braid trial wedding hairstyle

So if you like braids, you are in luck, because you will be able to combine this hairstyle with many types of wedding headdresses.

Which headdress to choose for brides with braids?

Bridal braids also accept headpieces with 3 types of placement: side, back in the braid and front.

Side headdresses

We return to the headdresses placed on one side of the head, or on both sides, drawing the perimeter of the base of the braid.

Wedding headdress bride braid

Side jewel braid bridal headdress

As was the case with half updos, in the case of braids you can wear a half bridal crown or half flower crown, or a half jeweled crown with flowers and leaves in metal. This type of hairstyles with headdresses

Bridal headband with side stars headdress

Even loose hairpins placed on the side and falling over the length of the braid in a skipped manner will give you light and the result will be very beautiful.

Bridal braid with wedding headdress with pearl hairpins

You can also choose to place wedding headdresses that emerge from one side and spill down the braid, undoubtedly, a very special and differential touch for your bridal hairstyle.

Back headdresses in braid

Choosing headpieces to place at the base of the braid works very well if you want the knot of the braid to be noticeable.

Wedding headdress crown flowers bride braid

And you can place them either above or below the base.

Wedding headdress bridal braid

Bridal crown braid headdress

You can also choose from bridal crowns, flower crowns, jeweled crowns with metal flowers and leaves, natural stone crowns and loose hairpins.

Bridal braid back wedding crown headdress

Bride crown flowers headdress wedding hair braid hairstyle

Full wedding crowns that encircle the head, with more or less volume depending on your bridal style, are also a good option, placed forward or backward.

Bridal headdress back wedding natural stones braid bride

Headpieces that spill or intertwine along the braid are also beautiful.

Wedding headdress bridal hairpins braid

Pearl headdress bridal braid back wedding pearls

You can choose betweenlong tangled headpieces or bobby pins that are skipped in the bridal braid so that the hairstyle breathes and the knots look defined.

Wedding headdress bridal braid golden stars

Front headdresses

The braids are still updos that accept very well the headdresses placed in front.

Headdress tiara bridal tiara braid with natural stones

Headdress crown wedding stars bride braid

They can be headbands, crowns or tiaras of different heights and the truth is that for any bridal look they look more than good.

Bridal headdress tiara stars braid wedding headpiece

Tiara tiara stars braid wedding headdress

Headdresses for brides with ponytails

Do you like wedding pigtails? You are in luck, because more and more of them are being worn every day.

Headdress pretty hairpins wedding bridal ponytail

They are natural, simple hairstyles, but at the same time very elegant and distinguished. Brides with pigtails are those brides who like to look like they do on a daily basis and shy away from “looking dressed up”.

For the most original we have the bubble ponytails, which bring a very special finish to the look of the most modern brides.

Headdress bridal crown flowers bubble ponytail hairstyle

Which headdress to choose for a bride with a ponytail?

Ponytails are used in many distinguished bridal looks, whether they are more classic or daring. And probably any wedding headpiece you choose will play in your favor to finish defining your style.

Supertocadas, bridal hairstyle with ponytail and elegant golden headpiece

Choosing to be a bride with a ponytail will allow you to choose from a wide range of different headpieces.

Tiara or front crown headdress

You can opt for front tiaras or crowns that always elevate and add height to your look.

Tiara bridal headdress bride wedding ponytail Bridal crown headdress bridal pigtail

Bridal tiara tiara low ponytail headdress

Rear cap headdress

You can also use the back caps, which are real jewels wrapped with flowers and stones that can be customized to your style.

Beautiful wedding headdress bridal ponytail

Jeweled bridal headdress gold low ponytail

Twin headdresses

And let’s not forget the twin headpieces placed on either side ofthe ponytail, because they frame the hairstyle and bring light to both sides of your bridal hairstyle.

Wrap around wedding headdress low ponytail bride Jeweled wedding headdress bridal ponytail

You have endless possibilities!

Root cover headdress

As an original headdress we have the root covers that are the latest sensation.

Headdress bridal wedding pearls ponytail

So, you know, if originality is your thing and you want to be a different bride, this headdress is for you.

Headdresses, hairpins and scrunchies

And if you decide to distribute several loose hairpins and combine them with original scrunchies, the result will be very different, more than top!

Wedding headdress hairpins ponytail low ponytail Bridal headdress with star hairpins in low ponytail Bridal headdress bridal hairpins ponytail low ponytail Side hairpin bridal ponytail headdress

Bridal headdresses with a bun

This last year brides with a chignon have gained a lot of prominence and relevance. A bride with a chignon is a bride looking for timelessness, elegance or simply to gain height.

Supertocadas, bridal wedding hairstyle with chignon and rhinestone headpiece

There are different types of chignons: high chignons, low chignons and ballerina chignons.

What headdress to choose for a bride with a high chignon?

Headdress with hairpins

We propose a sprinkling of loose bridal hairpins.

Supertocadas, pearl hairpin as a bridal headdress

They can be metal flower hairpins or pearl hairpins , for example, that will give your bridal look an elegant and not heavy touch.

Supertocadas, bridal headdress with ballerina bun

Which headdress to choose for a bride with a low bun and a ballerina?

Again you are in luck, because you have very varied, wonderful and very distinctive options!

Supertocadas, headdress with blue stone hairpins on bride with chignon

Wraparound headdresses

The wraparound headpieces highlight the chignon and embrace it, making it the undisputed protagonist of the hairstyle.

Bridal headdress with low bun with star wraparound stars

Supertocadas, how to choose a bridal hairstyle according to your face, bride with a chignon

You can opt for a one-piece or a two-piece side and side, even adding an original central hairpin.

Wrap around back wedding headdress low bridal bun

Headdresses at the base of the chignon

Headpieces placed at the base of the chignon bathe your look in pure elegance and distinction.

Bridal headdress back low jeweled chignon Silver flowers back wedding headdress bridal low bun

Jewel-like back crowns, 3D silver flowers or white pistils hugging the crown. Beautiful!

White back wedding headdress with white pistils low bridal chignon

Headdresses hairpins

Supertocadas, pearl hairpin as a bridal headdress

The hairpins distributed throughout the chignon allow the bridal hairstyle to breathe and add those touches of light that, for example, in dark hair or with very defined tones is vital to balance with the white of the dress. Your photos will thank you!

Supertocadas, hairpins as bridal headdress with chignon

Tiara, crown and tiara headdresses

Tiaras, crowns and tiaras are an ideal resource for brides who do not want to go unnoticed, and the multitude of materials with which you can make this type of headdresses is infinite.

Headdress gold headband wedding flowers bridal hairstyle low bun Original bridal headdress low chignon crown  Bridal headdress with bow and full crown

And watch out! because custom jewelry headdresses are going strong! And they can turn you into a viral bride and, in any case, very different and special.

Supertocadas at Barcelona Bridal Week Parade 2023

Original bridal headdress crown low chignon with ribbon

We love this piece for being unique, different and original! Do you dare?

Bridal headdresses for brides with loose hair

Brides with loose hair are determined to be yourselves on your wedding day. You never wear your hair up… why wear it on the day you say “I do”?

You want to show off your hair, because you have beautiful and abundant (and if not, extensions work miracles) or because you are looking for a more glamorous or modern and casual look.

Which headdress to choose for brides with loose hair?

It may seem unbelievable, but the possibilities are not few.

Supertocadas, wedding hairstyle with bride with loose hair and headdress of stones headband

Headdress hairpins

Supertocadas, hairpins in elegant bride with loose hair

A good option is to skip bobby pins for the hairstyle, which chosen to match your dress, jewelry or shoes can define your look.

Supertocadas, simple wired headdress with rhinestones for bride with loose hair

They can be hairpins with preserved flowers, or with metal flowers and rhinestones. And also stars of many different styles!

Headdress bridal hair loose hair side hairpins

Headdress bridal hair loose hair side hairpins Wedding headdress bridal hair loose hair pins

Root cover headdress

The root cover is also an option that we love and that will turn you into a modern bride and bride with style.

Wedding bridal headdress with loose hair covers roots

Headband headdress

Bridal tiaras, pearl tiaras, flower tiaras and jewel tiaras are ideal for those brides who occasionally wear tiaras, because this way you will feel like yourself.

Wedding headdress headband bridal headband loose hair

Wedding headdress white headband bridal headband loose hair

Jeweled headdresses, tiaras and crowns

Jeweled headpieces are gaining ground here, and if you are a bride looking to make a difference and distinguish yourself, gold plated jeweled headpieces and silver jeweled headpieces will undoubtedly take you to another level. Again, your photos will thank you!

Bridal headdress loose hair with side jewel

Bridal headdress loose hair crown stars

Supertocadas, tiara of flowers and stones as bridal headdress with loose hair

Headdresses for brides with short hair

Brides with short hair often have doubts about whether a wedding headpiece will look good on them. And it is that you are not sure how to place it.

It’s true that short hair can be a problem for us because bridal headdresses on short hair are difficult to hold. But the good news is that we have several options to consider!

Bridal headdress short hair headband

Wedding headbands, for example, are a great solution. With them you can play to create the look that most identifies you, because in Supertocadas we will make it for you.

Supertocadas, bridal headdress with short hair

You can wear big and obvious headbands or rather discreet and subtle headbands. Headbands made of natural stones, metal or fabric, with veil, feathers or other materials depending on the wedding dress and style.

Don’t hesitate to try on different wedding tiaras, because you are sure to find the one that suits you best. Truly, with just a little imagination, the result can be spectacular.

Supertocadas, headband with veil as a bridal headdress

Bridal headdresses with veil

The million dollar questions: how to wear a bridal headdress and veil at the same time? how to hold the bridal veil if I am wearing a headdress? Is it better to place the veil above or below the headdress?

Supertocadas at Barcelona Bridal Week Fashion Show 2023, tiara bridal veil headdress

Bridal headdress with veil

Absolute peace of mind! Because both in the bridal atelier where you buy your dress and in the beauty studio where you will have your makeup and hair done for the wedding day, this issue is more than controlled and solved. You can choose from a multitude of combinations of bridal hairstyles with headpieces. You’re sure to find your style!

Supertocadas, bride with veil and wedding headpiece

When choosing bridal hairstyles with headdresses and accessories, we always tell you that wedding headdress and veil are wonderfully comfortable and compatible, because the two pieces have their own combs, so their placement is layered, so easy.

If the bridal veil does not have a comb, it should be held in place with hairpins. And if the professional who puts it on you has done it more than once, you can be sure that neither the veil nor the headdress will move from its place. Just relax and trust.

Supertocadas, hairpin with veil as bridal headdressvestits VM

Supertocadas, headdress wedding headdress rhinestones bride veil

Bridal hairstyles for wearing a veil are, quite simply, ALL. So the only doubt will be where to place it, if higher, lower, in the center of the hairstyle… And the solution will depend only on the bridal look you have chosen and the hairstyle you wear, as we have been telling you here.

Supertocadas, bride with veil and tiara wedding headpiece

Also, keep in mind that you will only wear the veil for a short time, during the ceremony and little else. So if you are one of those who want to do without a veil, go ahead. And if you are one of those who prefers to wear a veil, then go ahead too, without suffering for its placement.

Supertocadas, bridal bouquet of flowers with natural mimosa wedding headdress wedding veil

Focus on choosing a veil that speaks to your bridal style. If you have the option, take advantage of a family veil or grandmother’s mantilla . Bridal hairstyles with veils can be a great complement to bridal hairstyles with headdresses, because well placed, they give rise to fantastic and unique looks.

Supertocadas, jeweled headdress with metal flower headband on bride with bow tie


So much for our bridal hairstyle ideas for today, hoping with all our heart that it has helped you to solve your doubts and, above all, to inspire you.

If you want to continue reading recommendations about wedding headdresses and their choice, here you can find

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And if what happens to you is that you are not clear about the type of bride you are and to choose you need to identify with one or the other, maybe it will help you to read about

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As we mentioned before, you can also be guided in your choice based on your facial

your choice based on the features of your face.


We finish, with a bonus track for your eyes only:

VITAL TIP from Supertocadas: always choose the bridal headdress and hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable, yourself and your style. Adapt it to the season in which you will celebrate the wedding and take into account the wedding dress you are going to wear.

And also… Prepare your hair to look healthy and beautiful on your wedding day. Give them nutrition, shine, clean up their ends, touch up color and even, why not, put a little botox to seal their cuticles. Pampering that will help you show off a beautiful mane.

At Supertocadas we work day by day for you and when you come to our atelier we look at you, not how you are, but how you can become.

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