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At Supertocadas we design and create the personalized bridal headdress of your dreams. Bridal tiaras Photo: Tortolazos Make-up and hairstyle: Alba Manubens You who want a unique wedding to enjoy, to laugh, to dance…and who have said “bye bye” to the bun…you who have decided to wear a natural hairstyle, a ponytail hairstyle with waves, braids, loose hair with waves, half up…etc, how can you not choose a personalized bridal headdress? In other previous posts I give you ideas on how to choose the bridal headdress and even be able to choose the bridal hairstyle according to your face, and also as I know that you were born with your own rules, today I will try to help you to follow your own guidelines, which are to customize the headdress according to your personality. So as you know yourself very well and I know that you are going to want a headdress that you can identify with, here is a list of 6 types of brides so that you can recognize yourself and help you to customize it.

Types of brides:

1. Princess bride 2. Classic bride 3. Diva bride 4. Bohemian bride 5. Girlfriend with “rollazo”. 6. Minimalist bride 1. Princess bride If you are a dreamer, sentimental and romantic person, you firmly believe in love and also in the love that ends in a happy ending, and why deny it! tiaras y crownsmade of any material, even better if they have a touch of glitter and rhinestones. Photo: Tortolazos Make-up and hairstyles: Compte Poblenou This type of headdress can be personalized with your wedding dress, which will surely be a fairy tale design, tight at the waist and with a voluminous skirt. The tiara or crown will give that special and magical touch very timeless to the outfit and… word of Supertocadas you will shine more than ever! Ahhh…you are thinking that what you want to wear is a back headpiece, not a crown type …. Well, perfect! You are not going to change the princess style, so you will continue to wear a half crown with glitter and rhinestones, only the shape will change. Headdress with rhinestones Photo: Tortolazos Make-up and hairstyle: Alba Manubens 2. Classic bride You are a bride with a personality that seeks harmony and elegance based on customs, values and beliefs passed down generation after generation. You like headdresses made with materials such as pearls, crystals, beads, wax pistils… you are a bride with a veil, whether short, long or fully veiled ….ah and you also like cold porcelain flowers. Isn’t it?   Photo: Emilija Blues Makeup and hairstyle: Alba Manubens 3. Novia diva You are a bride with a lot of personality, you are sure of yourself, you know who you are and what you are worth, many times you are identified with the actresses and influencers, because you are also the latest in fashion, you like to draw attention, and you love everything related to the glamour. You like big headdresses, special headdresses, original headdresses that stand out and are not forgotten, something sophisticated will help you to balance the outfit, don’t doubt it. Photo: Alba Bohn Makeup and hairstyle: Ruth’s Trunk 4. Bohemian bride Romantic and dreamy bride, but also idealistic and with a very special sensitivity for everything. You let yourself go by your intuition, many times, (sometimes more than you would like)…and naturalness, of course, also accompanies you. You like headdresses with which you feel comfortable, and made with natural elements, with leaves, flowers, very organic , whether jeweled headdresses or preserved flower headdresses, natural stones are also a good option. Preserved flower wreath   Photo: Tortolazos Photo: Emilija Blues Makeup and hairstyle: Alba Manubens Makeup and hairstyle: Alba Manubens   Photo: Tortolazos Make-up and hairdressing: Compte Poblenou 5. Girlfriend with “rollazo”. That rollazo that you have or you don’t have, and it’s not a fake, because it emanates from your ideas, from your way of speaking and communicating, you are groundbreaking many times, and you always feel free…come on! That you have an overwhelming personality! In addition, this personality is projected in all aspects of your life, so since you don’t care about what people say, you are very much in love with the very special headdressesfor example, the feathered headdressesthe headbands exaggerated, original headdresses and very special to merge with you and that little head of a born leader that you have. Photo: Alba Bohn Makeup and hairstyle: El Baúl de Ruth 6. Minimalist bride You are a relaxed person, without excesses, practical and simple, aren’t you, because you like simple headdresses, loose hairpins, stars (which are very popular nowadays), flowers scattered through the hair, headdresses like you who are a relaxed person.   Photo: Tortolazos Make-up and hairstyle: Compte Poblenou   The possibilities are endless, and this is just a first brushstroke of styles… Making a personalized bridal headdress is what we do best at Supertocadas…well…in fact…it’s the only thing we know how to do….

How do I do it? you may wonder…

Well look … working day by day and hand in hand with brides, to help you design the headdress of your dreams is our passion, so, to get your best version, the first thing you have to do after contacting us either via email, or via wasap, or via Instagram… hey! you can also call us! … well, the first thing you have to do is to tell us what your idea is and you can send us the photos you have, the dress, the shoes, the accessories such as jewelry for example, tell us about the colors of the wedding, the bouquet you are going to wear (which by the way we also do). personalized bridal bouquets ) and with all these images we will propose you a color range and from there some shapes and materials. If you are one of those who like to make an appointment to meet us in person, then do not hesitate, you can make an appointment if you are from Barcelona and surroundings, so we can talk in situ. Don’t hesitate! to be one of the great Supertocadas you only have to ask for that little mouth and in five or six weeks (depending on the time of the year you get married) you’ll see your personalized bridal headdress materialized. I assure you that you will shine, you will shine a lot! like the great ones do. Supertocadas …yes…yes…those supertocadas who are in love with our “love”, with “ourselves” and with “our life”.


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