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  And thus help you choose the headdress…of course! Before choosing your bridal hairstyle according to your face let’s start with something that I consider very very important… and that is the following…. don’t think about anything else but your own style….SUPER IMPORTANT! “repeat it once and a thousand times…and from here you can choose the wedding hairstyle you want. You know that in Supertocadas we are not very rule oriented, so be yourself (always) when I say (always) I mean that if you are one of those who (always) go with the loose hair, for example, and you don’t see yourself as a bride with updo Well, you don’t need to pick it up, you know what I mean! Even so, I have prepared some tips to help you choose your wedding hairstyle and look your best (if possible ?) For this purpose and in general terms I have made several classifications according to the various types of face, and they are:    

1. Choosing a hairstyle for ROUND FACE

In order to lengthen it a little, the most flattering hairstyles are high updos and half updos, to which you can give a more natural style if you leave some loose strands that will also serve to refine your cheekbones and stylize your neck. If you also want to give it a more romantic touch, add braids to the updo and you will have a beautiful hairstyle.

And which headdress suits you?


If you have decided to go as a bride with a high updo, or go as a bride with a ballerina bun or go as a bride with a French bun , you can put a headdress in front of the bun, thus increasing your height. You can also put the headdress at the back and of course on the side of the chignon.  

Supertocadas by Tortolazos

Bridal headdress chignon with comb

Supertocadas by Tortolazos

Chignon headdress

Supertocadas by Tortolazos

BRIDES WITH HALF UPDOS If you have decided to go as a bride with a half-up hairstyle , you can wear a wide variety of headdresses: Half wreaths are very popular in this type of hairstyle, or combs, always framing the perimeter of the updo to achieve a harmonious image. Tiaras also look spectacular because they add volume and lengthen your face.
cold porcelain headdress

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  tiara bride

Supertocadas by Tortolazos

And full crowns are a very good option, because they allow you to give a little more volume to the front of the head and thus lengthen your face.

2. Choose hairstyle for OVAL FACE

They say that it is the type of face that any hairstyle suits it…so congratulations, you can be a bride with an updo, a bride with a half updo, a bride with long hair, a bride with a ponytail, a bride with a braid, etc…you can be whatever you want! Superfaces, how to choose a bridal hairstyle according to your face?

And what headdress can you wear?

BRIDES WITH LOOSE HAIR If you want to be a bride with loose hair then some waves that give volume and movement to the hair along with a tiara, a crown or a headdress on the side of the head will be great.
Bride with mane

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The “Hollywood style” waves will allow you to wear a side headdress or even a turban to give a vintage bridal look.
bride with loose hair and turban

Supertocadas for We Are Probodas


tiara jewel bride

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  And if you want to wear a “royal” style (on your head) you can opt for a tiara and you will be sure to succeed, the jeweled tiaras look spectacular. However…if you want to be a minimal bride, straight and polished, bridal style hair with a middle parting will give you a very refined and elegant look.  
bride straight and long hair

Supertocadas Hairstyle Tatiana Besada Photo: Alvaro Castillo Photo

  BRIDES WITH PIGTAILS If you are one of the most fashionable and opt for a ponytail, a half crown that wraps it above or below, will give it a very special touch.
Bride with ponytail

Real bride photo Supertocadas “Natalia” made by Jose Luis Santos

You can also choose to wear two side headdresses that frame the bridal ponytail on both sides, using for example two side combs, creating a very neat and symmetrical ensemble. Also, using a set of loose hairpins around the hair, combining various sizes, would add movement and style. And finally, a classic bow with a fall that covers the hair tie, in velvet, tulle, etc… would continue to give the bride a very natural, classic and elegant style, and sometimes less is more! BRIDES WITH BRAIDS The braids are perfect to play with half crowns at their base, or to place small sparkles in the form of flower hairpins or rhinestone hairpins sprinkled along their length. They also accept full crowns that frame the front of your face if you want to gain height or the back at the base of the braid if you don’t need to look taller.  
Headdress bridal bun ballerina

Royal bride Supertocadas “Atteneri” photo by Sunnydaysfoto

braid bridal headdress

Supertocadas Headdress and Braid made by El baúl de Ruth

3. Choosing a hairstyle for RECTANGULAR FACE

For this type of face it is very good to give more horizontal volume to the face, therefore, it is very good to use a or braid your hair with a middle parting and soft waves or also style your hair with loose mid-length hair or a low updo with a “tousled” effect with loose strands. Even “false bob” type updos and loose hair with bangs are very good options.

And which headdress suits you?

BRIDES WITH ROOT BRAID If you decide to braid your hair in a root braid, you can wear small headdresses dotted all over the braid, like hairpins, with preserved flowers or natural flowers, or you can wear a headband to frame the front and the back of the hairstyle at the same time.
bride with tiara and root braid

Supertocadas by Tortolazos

BRIDES WITH FALSE BOB UPDO If you want to go with a false bob the tiaras suit her very well, and now also after Prada used them in her catwalks they are worn a lot more, (thanks Prada! for inspiring us so much!) beaded tiaras, jeweled tiaras or flower tiaras you can choose from an endless number of possibilities depending on your style.
Supertocadas bridal headdresses

Supertocadas by Tortolazos

4. Choosing a hairstyle for TRIANGULAR AND LONG FACE

If you have this type of face the important thing is to have a clear face, so high ponytails, updos with loose strands and hairstyles with bangs that are not too abundant and that leave a glimpse of the forehead are ideal. We will avoid, as far as possible, that the headdress is on the sides, it is better to use small and not very pronounced headdresses. And if you want to wear a crown, it is better to place it in the center of the head. Headpieces placed at the nape of the neck will also work very well.
chignon with jeweled headdress

Supertocadas by Tortolazos

If you are a bride with short hair you are marking a strength and a very special style, so decorate it with a jewel headbanda few flower hairpins or rhinestonesYou can even braid a small braid with your longest strands to give a special and sophisticated touch to your look.
bride with short hair and headdress

Supertocadas by Tortolazos

And yes! This is a small summary that I have made so that you can choose a headdress according to your face, but don’t forget that not all hair is the same! Every woman has a different hair texture. Some women have thick hair, other women have curly hair, and others have fine, straight hairWearing extensions in an updo can really spruce up your look, take it into account as a Supertocadas tip ! Also, if you want your hairstyle to last longer, extensions will help you maintain it. So Supertocadas... since the hairstyle must last you a minimum of 6 hours, it is important to choose the hairstyle according to the shape of your face and its texture… All this… and much more… will make you enjoy and shine very much in your day… so enjoy and shine as the great Supertocadas do, those who are in love with our love, with ourselves and with our life.


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