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Have you had to postpone the wedding to 2021 or 2022?Ways to celebrate Health and safety measures covid weddings This year after talking to so many brides who asked me to design their bridal headdresses, I was able to bridal headdress one thing has become very clear to me… many couples want to celebrate.I understand you perfectly! and as the world and life IS CHANGE, often drastically and many times from one day to the next…well, we have no choice but to adapt and change behaviors in order to survive!
The coronavirus has hit the wedding world (and many other worlds as well) like never before.No one is absolutely certain whether or not the restrictions that are necessary for health reasons will continue.This constant uncertainty must not be able to get the better of us, I know that you have had anxiety, irritability, not being able to sleep… and that makes me think… think a lot about you and if you allow me to give you some advice, why not make a radical change in your thinking?If weddings from now on are going to be completely different from what we had planned, why not think about celebrate weddings in a different way ?Next Supertocadas will give you a few ideas and several good reasons to keep celebrating your engagement and celebrate the most important thing: LOVE.


Surely there will be many more ways than the three ways that I am going to explain below, it is all a matter of needs and a lot of imagination.You have to decide how and when you get married, but here are some ideas that I hope will help you:1. ELOPEMENT WEDDINGSMICROWEDDINGS3. INTIMATE WEDDINGS


What is an elopement wedding?

It is a new wedding format, putting the couple in the foreground, getting married is put back in value thus recovering the intimacy of weddings.The couple, in a getaway plan, gets married away from their place of residence and only they, the officiant of the marriage and the photographers and videographers are involved.At Supertocadas we believe that this type of elopement weddings will be a revolution in the years to come.Weddings in covid

✌️ Advantages of an elopement wedding

  1. It is a free wedding: no more pressure from family and friends!…yes, getting married is full of magic, but who hasn’t experienced that when you start to plan a wedding, you start to feel like you’re getting married…but who hasn’t? special wedding and magical for yourselves and all it comes down to is that all you plan is a wedding that pleases others? The elopement weddings let you concentrate on yourselves in a simpler and stress-free way, what really matters is your engagement and your marriage.
  1. It is a wedding with a more bearable organization: the organizational process is greatly reduced, the great concern will be:
  • your outfit: wedding dress and groom’s suit, the wedding rings, the bridal headdress, your bridal headdress (of course from Supertocadas ), bride’s and groom’s shoes, choice of makeup and hairstyle, flower girl…
  • where to celebrate the marriage
  • and the choice of photographer and videographer.
  1. It is a wedding at a reduced cost: being able to spend the money you save to celebrate the wedding in a super special place and location and why not? invest it in your new home.
4. It is a wedding that you can celebrate in your own way: with a good meal, a nice dinner, a picnic or in a great restaurant, set yourselves free! and enjoy every moment! There is no ideal way to celebrate a wedding, the wedding is yours, follow your instinct and enjoy it as you deserve!After the elopement wedding you can always have a party with friends, at the right time, and in the plan that you decide, so you can also share together those photos and videos of your elopement wedding.


What is a micro wedding?

Well, the word itself already says it, a small wedding, in which at most 20 to 30 guests will attend.The common elements of a wedding are maintained but all on a smaller scale.Covid weddings

✌️ Advantages of holding a micro-wedding

  1. You will enjoy a relaxed and much less stressful wedding planning than traditional weddings. You will focus more on what is really important to you.
2. You will be accompanied by the guests that really matter and you will be able to personalize the details for them to the maximum expression, plus you will all enjoy more the coexistence for being a much more intimate wedding.3. You will save time since having fewer attendees makes it easier to hire any type of service (food and beverages, music, space rental, etc.).4. You will save money by allocating the budget to a dream wedding, with your dream outfits, or in that special place that implied a trip but that with many guests would be impossible.


What is an intimate wedding?

These are weddings with 60 to 70 guests and last all day. It is a more simplified version of a traditional wedding where there is also no room for engagement guests.

✌️ Advantages of having an intimate wedding

    1. Goodbye stress, these weddings are easier to organize and plan and as in the micro weddings you will focus more on you but also on your guests so you will not fall into the clichés of most weddings.
    2. You can choose more special places to celebrate in a place overlooking the sea, on a hotel terrace in your city, or even why not in the garden of your house.
    3. Budget that is greatly reduced, so you can invest that money in making the wedding of your dreams, invest it in the honeymoon, or simply save it for the future.
  • It is a closer wedding since you will move in an environment of real friends to whom you will be able to dedicate much more time and quality.
Wedding decoration


Here are some ideas:
  • With masks and hydroalcoholic gels creatively introduced as ideal details for guests, for example.
  • Meals on a plate instead of a buffet, better dishes served by waiters
  • Create more areas for guests to be more spread out
  • Outdoor weddings that allow for social distance
  • Shorter celebrations or shorter ceremonies
  • Livestreaming, rebroadcasting of the B-day for loved ones in other countries or for those who were unable to attend.
In summary:So let’s focus on what’s important, on celebrating love… You see, there are so many ways to do it.I sincerely hope that all these ideas have helped you and make you change a little bit (a lot) the idea of living a condemnation by the coronavirus and that you transform it into an opportunity…That’s what Supertocadas is all about, staying in love with our love, with yourselves and with our life! (even if it’s a life in the midst of a pandemic)Come on, come on! and take a look at the web site of Supertocadas you can start choosing or designing the best bridal headdress in the world…. yours!!…. canI help you?


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