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How to celebrate an ECOLOGICAL WEDDING

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In these current times, you can’t help but think of solutions to celebrate your wedding? Do you think that even if it is different from what we are used to, you will have to celebrate it, no matter what? Well, read carefully…because celebrating green weddings is one of these solutions. We are living in times of uncertainty, change and reflection, so…let’s think briefly about what is not working today in the wedding world, and what can we change? I invite you to visualize, to take a blank sheet of paper and write at the top:


Of course you do!…if (in spite of everything) you have already embraced uncertainty you want to get married and you want to celebrate… …why instead of clinging to the usual situations you take an alternative route…why don’t you do it thinking about nature? It is clear that this pandemic crisis has taught us that we are no longer the dominant species,…it has reminded us day after day of our vulnerability and that we cannot live on the margins of the Planet…even so,…despite our smallness,…we can do many things. Would you like to celebrate a simple and natural wedding? Would you like to celebrate a green wedding? Really, they are only advantages…. read on because I will list some advantages in a bam bam:

Advantages of celebrating a green wedding:

1. Economic savings: you will be doing your pocket a great favor. 2. You boost employment and the local economy: you will do a great favor to the suppliers that we are subsisting… I still don’t know how… 3. You reduce the negative environmental impact: you will be doing yourself and the planet a big favor. 4. You don’t have to stick to the strict protocol: you will be doing your guests a great favor. You’ve already decided to do it!!! ….. Come on, let’s have an eco-wedding!

Tips to celebrate an eco-friendly wedding:


You can wear any wedding dress and groom’s suit you want because there are so many options: – You can you can have it made to measure There are many ateliers that I really tell you… you would hallucinate with their quality-price ratio! – You have the option to reuse your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress and you can also do it, believe it or not, redesigning it, a cut here, a pin there, a new stitch… – You have the option of using dresses from brands that use recycled materials, vintage fabrics and other organic fabrics. – You can use two-piece wedding dresses that you can then wear again on other special occasions for you…and you can also use more wearable everyday pieces of clothing…including a more event touch: bow tie, tie, suspenders, handkerchiefs…etc… Whatever you choose, always keep in mind that we must preserve local commerce, local workshops and artisanal production, … let’s move away from the big stores without their own workshop.


If you choose natural flowers, always use seasonal flowers. Also ask about the producers, try to make sure that they are always local and that the flowers are not cultivated with chemical products, both in preserved flower bouquets and in natural flower bouquets. An important note is at the moment of the exit of the ceremony, do not throw rice or confetti…opt for throwing dried flower petals or dried olive leaves…it is something totally organic and do not have a negative impact on the environment. In Supertocadas we can provide you with olive leaves (from our own harvest) and I assure you that besides being ecological and original, it is a great result for your photos.


Always opt for pieces that use natural products, headdresses with natural stones, natural flower headdresses, preserved flower headdresses and also handmade headdresses. As nowadays almost all brides are crazy about personalized headpieces personalized headdresses and they are the most worn headdresses you can choose from a multitude of options. Of course, choose the brand of headdresses that best represents you, the one you connect with and above all, buy them from local stores… they are healthy for you, for the economy and for the planet. If you have doubts about how to choose a bridal headdressyou can contact me and I will help and advise you on what you need, for me it is a real pleasure.


Always choose make-up artists and stylists who have this ecological concept very much in mind, they will advise you on the most recommendable brands for your skin and at the same time take care of the planet. Using vegan hair products and makeup,cruelty free makeup and organic makeup will help you not only because they respect animals (as they do not test or include ingredients from animals), but also because they have a 100% vegetable composition and, to top it off, they are made with ingredients from organic production… Important: it will prevent thousands of allergies and side effects.


Ask the restaurant or catering company to use organic products of proximity and organic wines and beverages in the elaboration of its menu, of course. You can even opt for vegan menus, but the important thing is that the products are KM 0. Even in desserts and cakes, make sure they do not include processed ingredients. I recommend, as always, that you use local suppliers and local companies.    


The wedding invitations are your letter of introduction, resort to good designs within the multitude of options. If you prefer paper invitations, opt for recycled paper, free of any acid and with vegetable dyes. You can hire a supplier as always of proximity, or even if you dare, you can do a DIY to make them yourself. If you prefer not to use paper you can make theinvitations with a nice mail, or by creating a web page that includes all the details of your celebration.


To celebrate an ecological wedding, choose a place where the ceremony and reception can be held outdoors. For the decoration of the wedding you can take advantage of the elements of the environment creating a unique setting. With a few elements you can make a super special decoration, for example using flowers that you can use in arches for the ceremony or on the wooden benches and chairs for the guests. It always uses noble and recycled materials, wood, glass. If it is in the morning, it is better because you can take advantage of the sunlight almost all day long and if it is getting dark, do not worry, you can use candles for a very romantic effect or use candles for lighting or use LED lights that do not contain mercury, making the recycling process much simpler and more environmentally friendly. environment. Have you ever thought of celebrating your wedding in tents?…yes yes…who doesn’t like to play the Indian? …..tipis are a very different way of celebrating an outdoor wedding, and there are many sizes and with different decorations…. they can also be used to extend the event since the guests can even sleep there… There are more and more suppliers that will be able to advise and help you in the choice of these elements…which I personally like more and more every day. outdoor and ecological weddings


Always give gifts that respect the environment, handmade soaps, plants, cloth bags with a special message, natural cosmetics, eco jams… handmade, natural and ecological products. There are many suppliers who work tirelessly and also with a lot of love and affection that will help you to give and thank your guests for their company. You can also giving the gift of solidarity contributing your grain of sand in the causes that most motivate you and with which you most identify, you can contact NGOs and Foundations that have special packs for weddings, in addition to being a kind gesture of solidarity with the guests…they will take with them a nice souvenir that they will not forget. Eco-friendly gifts for guests I hope these eco-friendly wedding tips have brought you a little closer to creating an environmentally friendly wedding. And although you may think that making a 100% sustainable event is very difficult because there will always be something that will slip through our fingers, …let’s make a little effort to achieve a beautiful and sensitized wedding… To remember…! We are Supertocadas …those of us who are in love with our love, with ourselves and with our life…!!!!! So let’s get to work! I’ll help you with the headdress and flowers !


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