B HUB by Supertocadas

Multipurpose space for corporate events in Barcelona

At the B HUB by Supertocadas magical things happen, such as corporate events and the bridal sector take on a life of their own. But if you’ve made it this far, you already know that the  MagicExists doesn’t it?


The B HUB by Supertocadas is designed so that suppliers of the bridal sector have a place in Barcelona where they can interact with brides and grooms in the city, with their potential prescribers and with the local media.

It is a showcase for bridal professionals and brands to move from digital to experiential and get closer to their target audience in the city.

They can place their products in a showcase or in different corners spread throughout the B HUB by Supertocadas. They can also use the space to organize their showrooms, sales, markets, presentations, meetings, etc.


This versatile space next to the central Plaza Molina, in the upper area of Barcelona, is a multipurpose space for corporate events. It is a meeting, a conference, a showroom, a market, a pop up, a training space, a press conference, a shooting, a gastro space for live cooking…

Can you think of anything else? Well, so is it. Because the B HUB by Supertocadas is ready to adapt and be exactly what you want it to be. Shall we talk?

We put at the service of any professional event its 177m2 and garden with barbecue. Capacity divided into two distinct environments: the LOCAL, with 56m2, and the LOFT, with 121m2.


The B HUB by Supertocadas is also the initiative, flagship store and workshop of SUPERTOCADAS Bridal HUB the place where we make and show our pieces and the atelier where we receive and attend the brides and grooms of the season.

This past year there were no less than 400 couples!

For us it was 400 unique and magical moments, in which we were determined to share all our magic and we ended up receiving much more than what we give.


How is the space?

177 m2 in the epicenter of the bridal sector

The B HUB by Supertocadas
is located at street level, in the central Plaza Molina in Barcelona, in the Galvany district, an uptown area and epicenter of the bridal sector of the city.

It has 177 m2 of total surface, distributed in 2 different


LOFT 121 m2

Environments of the B HUB by Supertocadas

56 m2 of LOCAL + 121 m2 of LOFT with garden


The premises is diaphanous, has three shop windows overlooking the streets Alfonso XII and Sant Eusebi and has its own access at street level by C / Alfons XII 73, with its bell and key. It has been decorated as if it were a Parisian maison, with vintage moldings integrated into the natural and aged tone of the walls, to create the sensation of a continuous, velvety whole. In contrast to the walls, an industrial ceiling of steel beams, decorated with branches and couture flowers, over an original floor of Catalan tuff.

The space is illuminated by zones, with directional spotlights and LED lights, and decorated with reclaimed vintage and steel furniture, details that add character and warmth to the atmosphere. It has a commercial activity license, very convenient for pop up events, showroom or market.

  • 56 m2
  • 3 showcases with displays and illumination
  • High counter with stool
  • Pattern display cabinet
  • 1 armchair, 1 chair and 2 pouffes
  • Full-length mirror
  • Bathroom with shower and hair dryer
  • Plants
  • JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker


The Loft area allows you to play with the feeling of being “at home”. A breakfast bar with a marble countertop and a modernist wooden front separates a fully equipped kitchen from the rest of the space. It has a chill area with a vintage sofa and armchairs, a cozy corner. In front of the glass window that leads out to the garden, there is a table ready to accommodate groups of up to 18 people. The Loft also has its own access from Calle Sant Eusebi 43-47, Bajos 1.

A small wooden staircase leads to the mezzanine office, with four workstations in front of its viewing railing overlooking the entire space. In its garden, intimate and cozy, a round marble table and a small barbecue emerge from the plants. It also has its own equipped private bathroom and a dressing room suitable for events related to the world of fashion.

  • 121 m2
  • Living room with sofa and coffee table, armchair and 3 poufs
  • Table for 10-12 people
  • Kitchen equipped for 12 people
  • American bar and 3 stools
  • Bathroom with shower and hair dryer
  • Mezzanine office with 3 workstations
  • Dressing room
  • Garden with barbecue and small table with bench
  • JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Let's talk about your project

Do you want to bring it to the B HUB by Supertocadas?


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