Atelier supertocadas

Headdresses, flower bouquets and wedding accessories for brides and grooms

SUPERTOCADAS is more than a Bridal ATELIER in Barcelona, it is Isabel and Ana’s dream come true, achieved with a lot of work and determination. Dreaming and betting on it is our DNA, because we know thatt #MagicExists

Supertocadas Isabel Alonso


She is the founder of SUPERTOCADAS.
After 23 years working in the Tax Agency, she visualized the change and launched into the bridal world starting with bridal headdresses. Isabel knows how to read between the lines and detects the inner glow that we all carry inside. Her pieces are born from her but they speak of you and what you can become.

That is why today SUPERTOCADAS is an authority in the bridal sector and so many brides and grooms trust her for their wedding day.


After studying audiovisual communication, he worked 30 years in advertising and digital marketing and ran his own agency for 12 years. That was his first dream fulfilled until he woke up with the need for a new leap into the void. I wanted to move from the virtual to the tangible, from the merely visual to the fully sensory.

She studied aromatherapy, neuroscience, perfumery and jewelry, where she met Isabel. And from their love affair arose SUPERTOCADAS Bridal Hub.
This dream is here to stay!

Supertocadas Ana Casado


Headdresses and accessories, pieces tailored to you

At SUPERTOCADAS we design and create headdresses, bouquets and accessories for brides and grooms and their wedding guests.

Headbands, tiaras, crowns, hairpins, hats, ear cuffs, root covers and any other type of headdress or accessory that we can imagine together, because our pieces are made exclusively for you.


We do it with great care and intention, in an artisanal way and using techniques of goldsmithing, floristry, jewelry and haute couture. It is the way to create unique and magical pieces that speak of you.

Based on your personality and bridal look, we also create all the wedding accessories we can imagine together: shoulder pads and appliqués for your wedding dress, boutonnieres for the groom, father and best man, earrings and headpieces for the bridesmaid, bracelets and other accessories for the bridesmaids.

Anything else? Let’s talk… 🙂

Atelier Novias Barcelona

Flower art

More than headdresses: your bouquet and floral arrangements

Atelier Novias Barcelona

We love flowers and surround ourselves with them! They are our allies and we like to use them to complete your wedding, aligned with that unique essence of yours.

If the design allows it, we incorporate natural or preserved flowers in our headdresses, but not only that!

We make the most beautiful bridal bouquets in the world. Floral bracelets for the bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the groom, the father or the best man, bouquets for the mothers, floral decoration for the bridal car, for the ceremony or for the restaurant.

And we do it the same way we do everything: tailored to you, so that our work speaks to everything you can be.

Styling, art and technique

In our bridal ATELIER in Barcelona, the inspiration and creation process go hand in hand.

We like to explain that fashions are of little interest to us, that fashions are ephemeral, they come and go. And your wedding is here to stay, right?

We are more about trends because trends create a school, satisfy a deeper need and survive the passage of time.

So how do we do it at SUPERTOCADAS?

We see beyond what you are, what you can become. We align your needs with wedding trends. Today you are getting married, but your day lingers in your photos and in your memory. We want our pieces to stand the test of time and make you shine today and always. And we create headdresses, bouquets and accessories for brides and grooms that speak of you and your story.


We are stylists and we know you, because we have worked with more than 1,200 brides and we know how to see your inner light. We study your personality and analyze your bridal look.


We elaborate a tailor-made proposal, based on wedding trends and adapted to you, your personality, your bridal look and your budget.


We create your pieces applying haute couture techniques, jewelry, floristry, art and passion. These are the necessary ingredients for magic to happen.


What do you need?

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