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Headdresses, flower bouquets and accessories for brides and grooms

We are Isabel and Ana and we DO WANT to believe in dreams. Those that start with a leap into the void and are worked with all the effort, because dreaming and betting on it is our DNA.

We are SUPERTOCADAS, What about you?

Atelier: tailor-made art and technique

Bridal headdresses, bouquets and wedding accessories

Tocados Barcelona
Supertocadas has created the customized crowns for Andrea Lalanza's fashion show at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2022 and 2023.

is an atelier where we design and create custom-made headdresses, bouquets, complements and bridal accessories for brides, grooms, guests, bridesmaids, etc. How do we do it?

1. Analysis
We see what you can become! And we know you very well because we have worked with over 1200 brides, so we know what you need. We thoroughly analyze your bridal look and look at your personality. To begin to sense the kind of wedding accessories that will bring out the best in your day.

2. Proposal
We elaborate a tailor-made proposal that adapts to you, your personality, your bridal look and your budget. We design your bridal headdress and wedding accessories that best speak about you. Your accessories, the groom’s, bridesmaids’ and bridesmaids’ accessories and those of the guests. We will try alternatives in our atelier or we will send you proposals remotely by Whatsapp. We adapt to you even in the way we work!

3. Creation
We create your custom-made pieces using haute couture techniques, jewelry, floristry and a lot of art and passion. The happiest moment of our work comes with the final touch, when you come to pick up your headdress at the atelier or when you receive it at home: seeing you excited with your wedding headdress, your bridal bouquet and your accessories always makes us get excited too.

Let's talk about you

What do you need?

Because without our personalized attention the magic would disappear. That’s why we don’t make collections and each piece is unique, just like you.

You can also call us, send us a WhatsApp, write us at
 or fill out our contact form.


Supertocadas that trust us

Tocados Barcelona

I was looking for some star combs to match my wedding dress. Isabel prepared them for me with great care. Although I was in Madrid, we decided everything by email and she sent them to me promptly from Barcelona. They are perfect!

Tocados Barcelona

Isabel is a person who is excited about her work, who loves what she does, and it shows a lot! She asked me for photos of my dress, my accessories, the environment and she said: she's done! This is your crown! For all of us who get fully involved in a wedding, we see thousands of headdresses that we love and don't know what to do, what to decide, what is best... But then she appeared and that same day she explained her idea to me and I let myself go. , because she is one of those people who catches you and you just have to trust her! Thank you for putting the finishing touch to my perfect day, forever grateful.

Tocados Barcelona

I met Supertouched by chance. Isabel informed me and in those 5 minutes I had a special feeling, and I was not wrong. Days later I contacted her. She had many ideas, but nothing clear. With few photos she was clear about what she was looking for. As a person she is a sweetheart, attentive, understanding, empathetic, sensitive, generous... And as a professional, 5 minutes are enough to realize that she adores her work. She shows it in every detail, in every word, in her dedication and dedication. My headdress was beautiful, perfect and "all terrain", just as she had dreamed. Thank you so much, Isabel, for being who you are, appearing in my life and fulfilling a dream.

Tocados Barcelona

For me Isabel was like love at first sight as far as headdresses are concerned. She is special, magical and that carries over into everything she does. Her closeness and her creativity made me decide to leave my headdress in her hands. I had an initial idea that changed me in a few seconds, taking into account the type of wedding, the dress and, above all, taking into account my tastes. The result was unique, personal and precious. I became a "happy supertouch", very happy. Thank you, Isabel, for letting your imagination fly on such a special day. I recommend her headdresses to all brides who want a personalized and unique headdress.


You get married?

Start with the Guide to your wedding by Supertocadas

The wedding is usually organized within 1 year. 12 months before, the essential decisions are made, such as the guest list, the place of the ceremony or the wedding dress. Then catering, alliances, accessories, decoration would come in… Everything in due time, to avoid unnecessary nerves.

La guía de tu boda by Supertocadas

We have prepared this Guide to your wedding by Supertocadas, to help you take each step for months, when it is time, with a good rhythm and without stress. Of course, it is a guide that can be adapted to your real timing and the particularities of your link. But we hope that it will help you to point out each need, month by month.

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    B HUB by Supertocadas

    Where corporate events and the bridal industry come alive

    The B HUB by Supertocadas is a multipurpose space where the bridal sector comes to life in the center of Barcelona.

    It is that magical place where everything is possible, because it is designed so that suppliers of the bridal sector have a place in Barcelona in which to interact with the brides and grooms of the city, with their potential prescribers and with the local media.

    It is a showcase for brands to move from digital to experiential and get closer to their target audience in the city. They can place their products in a showcase or in different corners spread throughout the B HUB by Supertocadas. They can also use the space to organize their showrooms, sales, markets, presentations, meetings, etc.

    At the B HUB by Supertocadas also accommodates corporate events of any other sector, from private lunches that turn into meetings to shootings, filming, press conferences, presentations, afterworks, etc.

    It is also the workshop & flagship of the Supertocadas the place where we create, manufacture and receive every day our brides of the season. That’s the part we like best!